Natholi- Test of patience


February 9, 2013 by enaadu


As we have been let down repeatedly by our favorite superstars and senior directors, we started looking forward to the new crop of filmmakers who dared to experiment with new actors, contemporary themes, new presentation and modern marketing techniques. The so-called “new generation” filmmakers surprised us with some really good movies that we could instantly relate to. Movies like Traffic, Salt and Pepper are very good examples.

But what if they experiment a bit too much? What if they pack the movie with literally nothing but a whole load of philosophy, double meaning dialogues and a script that could be understood only by the person who wrote it? Well, the result is V.K. Prakash- Shankar Ramakrishnan team’s debut movie venture “Natholi oru cheriya meen alla”.

It is clear that Shankar Ramakrishnan has still not mastered the art of writing a script that can communicate with the audience. He had made the same mistake in “Urumi”, but Santhosh Shivan rescued the movie by making it a visual poetry. There is no such luck here. Self-indulgence with scant regard for the viewer makes this “Natholi” a failed experiment on all accounts. As for V.K Prakash, it is high time to understand “quality is more important than quantity”.

The Story

Preman (Fahad Fazil) is the caretaker of an apartment complex in the city.  Being a part-time writer, he is in the process of writing a story involving all the characters he sees around him.  Despite working hard, this diminutive guy is humiliated by the people who live in the complex. He is called “Natholi” for being a good-for-nothing guy. His chief nemesis is Prabha (Kamalini Mukherjee) who is very aggressive and short-tempered. Out of frustration, Preman creates a character Narendran (Fahad Fazil) who is uber- cool, rich and strong-willed enough to teach Prabha a lesson. How this character gets out of the writer’s control and how the character changes the writer’s outlook forms the story.

Sounds weird? Well, the movie is weirder than it sounds. Narendran is seen raising his middle finger a couple of times. The movie is so whacky that we feel this is the makers’ message towards us who spend our precious time and money on this misadventure.


  • Fahad Fazil is good in parts (Though the character Preman’s sarcastic laugh is artificial and irritating)
  • Background score by Bijibal is good


  • Incomprehensible script is the primary culprit
  • Kamalini Mukherjee and Aishwarya are too loud and they ham it up big time
  • The Mahabharatha sequence does not create any effect (Was it meant to be humorous or philosophical?)
  • Movie is lagging (Running time of less than 2 hours feels like 3 hours)
  • Narendran’s dance wearing ladies’ undergarments is disgusting
  • Most of the jokes fall flat

The Verdict

Overall, this “Natholi” tests your patience.

Poor- 1/5


2 thoughts on “Natholi- Test of patience

  1. The Big Ant says:

    hey thanks, u saved my 60+60+snacks bucks… hooray!

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